So I bought a video game store… One year update and how you can help us open a retail store

A little over a year ago I shared with everyone my greatest weekend find ever and have given a few updates. BUT this is the biggest update since then and I have some very exciting news. Over the past year I have worked very hard to make my little game store at a flea market the best that it can be. My dream is to one day open and own a retail video game store. Well it is now time to pursue a retail location and I need your help to accomplish this goal. Over the next 45 days I will be running an IndieGoGo campaign that will help crowd fund the rest of the money needed to open a retail video game store. For your donations I have come up with some really cool perks that include stickers, games, t-shirts, art and more!
Store Picture 8-2013

I understand that not everyone can afford to donate but if you still would like to help… sharing the video with your friends, family and other like minded people is just as good as a $. Thank you to everyone that has helped me up to this point and I know we can achieve this goal and make a Video Game Rescue retail store a reality! If you would like to see the back story of how I got the chance to purchase a video game store go here.


Founder of VideoGameRescue and the Nerd Castle

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