Amazing Zelda Modded NES

Two weeks ago a customer (Kevin) came in to my store and we struck up a conversation about retro gaming and gamer art. Kevin mentioned he was working on an NES mod and I told him about my Mario Piranha Flower. After talking for a bit (and our wives judging us) he said he would send me pictures of the NES as soon as he was done with it. So, last night I sit down and open up my email and what do you know! Pictures of the most amazing NES mod I have ever seen! The top shield has amazing detailed, the front says Zelda and the Triforce GLOWS! Kevin said that he is hard at work on his next project and that when completed he will share it with us all again.

Feel free to leave Kevin a message here and let him know what the next custom video game system you want to see is.


Founder of VideoGameRescue and the Nerd Castle

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