This week in review: 4/16/12 – 4/20/12

This was a pretty crazy week! A lot went on and next week doesn’t look like its going to slow down ether. That’s a good thing though! The podcast on Wednesday discussed how the Internet killed the video game magazine. The video game magazine is out the outs and it will be interesting to see which companies move to the new internet model. We had five new funny video game pictures of angry birds, Mark kart, OCD reloader, Koopa trooper repping his hood and a Spartan telling he is Zelda. Lastly we had two really cool art projects of a Sega Master System couch and Samus paper sculpture.

You can download this weeks podcast here:
Miro Video PlayerVideo Game Rescue

Funny Video Game Pictures:

Cool video game art:

Sega Master System Couch

Samus Paper sculpture


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